Work with a Mediator

Why should you work with a mediator?

It is simple. Mediation saves time and money. It also relieves a great deal of the emotional burden involved in resolving disputes. Whether your dispute is personal or professional or a combination of the two, working with a mediator allows you to resolve the dispute peacefully and with respect.

There are several reasons why you should choose mediation to help you resolve a legal dispute, including:

  • It saves time and money
  • It puts control into your hands and ensures you have a voice in creating a resolution
  • It eliminates the strife associated with going to court
  • It protects innocent bystanders
  • It is confidential
  • It makes it possible to preserve an existing relationship, potentially making it more functional and stronger in the long run

Though it is possible to work through just about any dispute on your own, doing so in a reasonable period of time often requires the assistance of a third party – someone who is neutral and can look at a situation objectively. Mediators are experts when it comes to accomplishing this. They understand how to help disputing parties communicate and they are able to keep communication focused and on a path to resolution.

If you are involved in a dispute in Florida, be it personal or professional, Noelia Moreno can help. She is a skilled mediator ready to help you and all involved in your dispute come to a respectful and fair resolution in a timely manner. To learn more or to schedule a time to speak to Noelia, contact her at 305.970.7990 or by email at