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Friendly divorce might seem like an oxymoron, but that is becoming less and less the case. Many Florida couples are choosing to end their marriage without animosity or a long legal battle. Not only does this save them money and time, it also makes the transition for everyone in the family easier. Keeping a divorce friendly means keeping it out of the courtroom. It also often means giving control of important decisions to the couple – the people most affected by these decisions. Many friendly divorce processes allow the couple to have complete say over all issues related to ending their marriage…Read More


Is it possible for divorce to occur outside of your romantic relationships? Yes, if you are a business owner. Corporate divorce occurs when two business owners decide it is time to separate. This process triggers a landfall of decisions that need to be made and agreed upon by the two owners. Much compromise is needed and participating in a formal divorce process is often the easiest and least expensive way to ensure these decisions are handled properly. Choosing a friendly method to enact a corporate divorce save time, money, and frustration, and can preserve good relationships…Read More


Business disputes happen all the time in Florida, and unfortunately, some of these disputes result in the end of the business relationship. People tend to get wrapped up in the details of a business dispute and believe their solution is the only option, when in fact it is usually possible to reach a compromise and preserve a mutually beneficial relationship. Doing so requires the expertise and skill of someone familiar with resolving business disputes. Most business relationships form because both parties see a way to benefit from working together…Read More