Corporate Divorce

Is it possible for divorce to occur outside of your romantic relationships? Yes, if you are a business owner.

Corporate divorce occurs when two business owners decide it is time to separate. This process triggers a landfall of decisions that need to be made and agreed upon by the two owners. Much compromise is needed and participating in a formal divorce process is often the easiest and least expensive way to ensure these decisions are handled properly.

Choosing a friendly method to enact a corporate divorce save time, money, and frustration, and can preserve good relationships, even if those relationships no longer include the sharing of a business. Most businesses that are co-owned are run by people who share a common goal, but when that goal changes for one or both of them, it does not mean a disaster is on the way.

Corporate divorce in Florida makes it possible to end the existing business relationship and move forward in peace and with respect. It allows the business owners to discuss their points of view in a productive manner and to compromise on decisions that work for both of them, no matter the reason why they are leaving the business behind. It prevents an ugly public battle and keeps all of the information related to the business – its transition and the way it operated up until now – confidential.

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