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Mediation is a process where parties voluntarily reach an agreement to resolve their disputes by finding commonality. In contrast to traditional legal conflict resolution where the decision rests in the hands of a judge or jury, mediation emphasizes a self-determining, collaborative problem solving process with a view towards addressing the needs of all of the parties involved. The role of the mediator is to act as a neutral third party who helps to keep the dialogue and conflict resolution process moving forward. Read More

Why Choose Us?

  • 1Experience: Trained as an attorney, evolved into a mediator, conflict coach and facilitator. Resolved thousands of disputes throughout my legal career while integrating learned skills from each profession.
  • 2Big-picture view: Assist parties in conflict to assess their strong points and weak points while maintaining a big picture view of the discourse to determine what solution is in their best interests.
  • 3Compassion: Having been through conflict, business disputes and divorce helps me understand what you’re going through. Any type of litigation is stressful, uncertain and emotional, especially divorce. It helps to have someone who can relate to the process from every angle.
  • 4Understand the nature of conflict: Comfortable around conflict because it is an opportunity for parties to communicate clearly on their objectives. The focus is to arrive at a peaceful, friendly settlement.
  • 5Flexibility: Ability to accommodate demanding schedules with convenient evening and weekend hours.
Meet Noelia Moreno Principal
I was born and raised in Miami so I really understand our unique culture. We come from diverse backgrounds and this often leads to miscommunication and misunderstandings. That’s where I step in.
As an attorney, I spent almost 20 years as in house counsel at a large manufacturing firm and in construction. Every day I mediated situations that kept my company as well as other companies away from court and the costly expense of litigation.
In my personal life, I’ve experienced the stress of divorce as a child and also as an adult with a child. The emotional and legal process is scary and confusing. Strong emotions and reactions can come up during the process and last long beyond when the divorce decree is signed. There’s a potential for a ping-pong game of negativity.
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Work with a Mediator

Why should you work with a mediator? It is simple. Mediation saves time and money. It also relieves a great deal of the emotional burden involved in resolving disputes. Whether your dispute is personal or professional or a combination of the two... Read More

Mission Statement

“I am dedicated to helping individuals and businesses peacefully resolve conflict and move forward in their lives by providing caring, accurate, thorough and creative conflict resolution and mediation services. I strive to promote thoughtful communication between parties so that they may find commonality and reduce the financial and emotional costs of litigation.”


“To be the leader in peaceful settlements and to assist parties to become better communicators with themselves and others.”


“I am very grateful for all your help during some difficult and confusing days.”
D.D. Torre
“Noelia is an excellent listener who helped me with difficult issues I was facing in my relationship. Her practical advice helped me focus on this things that I could control and on how to make things better while in the middle of emotional turmoil. I highly recommend her.”
F. Perez